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Fathom Realty has ranked 6 times on the Inc500/5000 as one of America's fastest growing companies, and ranked #20 on the Real Trends 500 list of largest independent brokerages.

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About Mary Lou Jaimes

Welcome to my website!
Hi, my name is Mary Lou Jaimes. I am the owner of the Make It Happen Homes Team brokered by Fathom Realty. I have been a top producing Real Estate Expert since 2007, at a time, I may add, was one of the most challenging times in the real estate industry.
My approach has never been sales. My approach to success is relationship building. Through identifying, listening, and interactive communication my objective is to help you achieve what is truly important to you.
In real estate, I don’t follow the crowd. Instead, I seek ways to make it a win/win for all concerned. I am always on the look-out for what gets results, even if it is outside the box of normal thinking. I have raised the sales bar on some of my listings after being told by other agents we were over-priced.
I use atypical solutions to get atypical results. Continue reading and you will see why.

What has made me successful is my great upbringing, my experiences and how I chose to deal with circumstances.
Stand Alone
I learned at an early age to be okay with not fitting in and taking a stand. At 14 I went from a parochial school to a public school and soon found myself to be the target of an older girl. We both belonged to the same school club but for some reason she chose to signal me out by criticizing me, correcting me and embarrassing me. I was like a lot of most teens—trying to fit in, identifying my persona and still developing my social skills especially in a new environment. After one too many criticisms, I finally had enough and challenged her and stood up for myself. She retreated much to my surprise and delight. This was a major turning point in my life. I realized that my fear and insecurity were the issues not this bully. I gained confidence. I was not afraid to stand alone and stand up.
Bold Approach
In my corporate life my regulatory position was being migrated into a sales organization. There were two slots—Sales Engineer and Account Manager. Because of my analytical mind and attention to detail, the Sales Manager offered me the Sales Engineer position. I wanted the Account Manager’s position. I took matters into my own hands and presented my case to the Sales Director. I guaranteed I would exceed quota in six months or they could fire me if I did not. He laughed and said that was a pretty bold statement. I replied I never made promises I did not keep. Guess What? Not only did I exceed quota in six months, I was one of the top 10% Account Managers nationwide with this Fortune 50 Company and repeatedly was a “Winners Circle” recipient throughout my career.
Creative Approach
As long as I can remember I have a tendency to get results. I think I can thank my dad for grooming me to be creative. If I wanted something I had to come up with a compelling reason why I should have it. My most creative presentation involved an expensive dress and a school dance. The story has a happy ending but the most important thing is learning the value to look at problems from all angles and not giving up until I had a solution that worked for everyone. To this day my mind automatically seeks “what if” answers.
Signature Approach
• I believe in an upfront no-nonsense approach to my real estate consultation;
• I will provide you with the best options for your particular situation;
• I will always be honest about the pricing of your property.

If you want your house sold in record time with atypical results, then I am the person for the job. Ready to get started? Give me a call or shoot me an email and let’s get to it.